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Save Money with our Affordable Waste Removal Prices

Surprised how much some companies are charging for a simple waste removal? Not keen on paying a fortune only to have the fallen leaves and grass cuttings removed of your property? Call us right this minute on 020 3404 4878! We are a renowned rubbish removal company, known for delivering five star services, at some of the lowest junk removal prices in London. You can learn a bit more about our starting charges in the tables below. Or fill in our online form and we'll get back to you shortly to arrange a free visit from the experts. They will give you an exact price quote, free of charge, on site. Call now and get your garden looking its best!

Household and Green Waste Removal Prices:
Yd3KgTotal PriceIncluded Time
Min charge max 50 £ 67.00  
3 Yd3 max 250 £ 120.00 15 min
6 Yd3 max 500 £ 175.00 30 min
9 Yd3 max 760 £ 230.00 45 min
12 Yd3 max 1000 £ 295.00 60 min
Price per Kg / Yd3
*For Household and Domestic waste the price is based on the Volume and the Weight of the waste for disposal
*For Builders and General mixed waste the price is based ot the Weight of the waste for disposal